✦ Legend has it that on the sixth day of the creation of the universe, GOD created man and woman in his image and likeness from dust 

The man was named ADAM and the woman LILITH and they both ruled the earth as equals.

Lilith was given the gift of understanding the invisible world, alchemy, and the magic of the universe. She was the owner of everything that could not be seen or touched but could be felt. She was life itself and owned the truth of the universe.

While Adam had the wisdom of the earth and the sciences. This was the duality of the human energies.

With the time Lilith was discovering her own truth and thus decided to be a free woman following her intuition, connected with the creative power of the whole.

She became the serpent woman, the kundalini, which means the woman of knowledge and transmutation, intuition and magic. She knew about inner healing, the soul, spirituality and balance.

She was the woman of wisdom, the power of inner knowledge and she knew the secrets of the tree of life. She knew how to be one with the world through alchemy and magic, to connect with the divine and bring it to earth.

Lilith was a goddess associated with darkness and feared by men as she represented equality. Considered as 'fatal woman', the downfall of men, the devil, the femme fatale from which one had to get away. She represented the complete opposite of the faithful obedient women.

Half human half devil, woman of beauty and ravishing sensuality. The femme fatale who represents equal rights and sexual freedom. When in a patriarchal society those demands were not accepted and that is why this woman represented danger.

Lilith was always represented with an insolent, provocative or naughty attitude that only reflects the bewilderment, fear and dark desire of men who did not understand her.

For a long time she was appointed and judged as a demon, because of her wild nature and passion for life which made her indomable and disobedient before the established rules, curious and free.

Considered a witch and also goddess  loved and feared by men.

What do you think she is? demon or goddess?...

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