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our values

"My vision for Quillay was very clear from the beginning..."


To design and create meaningful and timeless jewelry using natural crystals and stones, respecting their unique raw forms and focusing on their magical energy and healing vibrations, all while staying true to a classic, minimalist and elegant aesthetic.

I aimed to break away from the typical rustic jewelry commonly found in souvenir shops. While these pieces may hold significance, they often end up forgotten in a drawer because they don't match personal taste. Instead, I created pieces with minimalist designs, effortlessly adaptable to any outfit and occasion. Pieces that have the power to evoke emotions and hold a unique value for you. It's not about the material, but about the meaning and personal purpose attach to them. My jewelry can be worn as a symbol of connection and healing for your soul.

Now my biggest dream and mission in life is to spread a little of this energy and vibration to others. Guided by the universe, I found my purpose in expanding the knowledge of the crystal realm through the beauty of jewelry.


Alexandra Paredes-Schwarzmann
CEO & Founder

the unique value of

hadnmade jewelry

Our jewelry is a work of art created with care and intention. Each piece is crafted by hand to perfectly complement the natural shapes and sizes of our unique stones. No two pieces are the same, making each one truly special. Even many of our stones are hand polished so they will never be one like the other and can not be worked in series.

We hope that those who wear our jewelry feel the same energy and magic that we put into every creation and value the hard work behind them.

where our heart is

made in peru

We take great pride in being a part of this amazing country and sharing some of the ancient wisdom that has been passed down through generations. Our beliefs are rooted in respect for nature, and we also value the mystical world. We have embraced a magical shamanic culture that teaches us to heal our spirit through sacred rituals.

Our pieces are carefully crafted by skilled artisans from local communities in Peru, using materials sourced from our country. By offering more job opportunities to Peruvians, we aim to bring prosperity, respect, and pride to their lives.

our commitment to being

a sustainable company

When I created Quillay, I asked myself how I could integrate my values and environmental concerns with my life purpose and business. As a result, I sought ways to design pieces that follow a minimal waste policy and produce limited collections that meet demand without overproduction or resource exploitation. I decided to focus on quality rather than quantity with a minimalist and slow fashion approach that doesn't feed consumer anxiety.

We believe in the importance of protecting the environment. That's why we maximize our resources and minimize any unnecessary waste in our production process.

the importance of being

ethicaly sourced

Illegal mining has caused significant harm to the environment by contaminating and poisoning local communities, as well as the surrounding water and food sources. To prevent further damage, we pledge to exclusively obtain materials from certified green mining companies that prioritize environmental responsibility and the well-being of their surroundings. Our goal is to contribute to a sustainable global economy, aligning with the mission and vision of these eco-friendly companies.

why is so important


As responsible consumers, it's crucial for us to ask more questions about the brands we support. We should inquire about its origin, the makers behind it, and the working conditions they uphold. I frequently ask myself these questions, and I'm confident many of you do too. That's why our artisans and team members work under fair trade conditions, receive fair pay in a work environment based on respect. As a company, we strongly oppose the exploitation and abuse that sadly occurs in many industries mostly located in third world countries.

a family business

empowered women

In the face of a new challenge, I needed someone I could trust unconditionally and at the same time aligned with my values to help manage my company from afar. I was so lucky my sister joined the project, and lately my mother, and together we are growing and supporting each other towards a common purpose. Without Angie, none of this would have been possible. It's amazing what can be achieved with the help of those we trust and love.

magical vibrational energy

rocks & crystals

We are firm believers in the incredible power and healing properties that lie hidden within crystals. Each stone possesses its own and unique vibration that has the ability to harmonize with our own energy field and chakras.

Inspired by this mystical energy, we have transformed these gems into beautiful pieces of jewelry, imbued with their own individual meanings and purposes. These connection charms allow us to tap into the transformative energy of crystals, bringing their magic into our everyday lives.



In the Inka mythology, the Goddess “Quilla” known as the mother Moon and the protective entity of the female realm had a powerful and protective father, the god "Viracocha" who was considered the creator of the universe and the highest divinity on earth. He lovingly called his daughter "QUILLAY" which meansmy little moon.

I selected my brand name with utmost care, aiming to reflect the essence of my values, history, and culture. It was an exploration that led me to discover the perfect name in the Quechua language, which captivated me with its mystical and feminine connection to nature.

more than just a brand

inspired by a purpose

Our brand's purpose is to expand the knowledge of the crystal realm and inspire spiritual exploration through healing practices, such as reiki, yoga, and meditation, as well as ancestral rituals from Peru and Latin America. We invite everyone to embrace the journey of self-discovery and delve into the significance of energy and how being open to it can positively influence our lives.

We firmly believe that each of us holds the key to creating a better life. By focusing on our inner selves, we can unlock our full potential and find inner peace and real happiness.


We exist to create meaningful pieces—Handmade treasures with positive energy, dreams, and happiness. Our biggest wish is that you can connect with the magic they hold and your whole being resonates with our art, culture, and history.


By purchasing from Quillay you also contribute to our mission of making the world a better place.