The Inka Goddess “Quilla” known as mother Moon had a powerful and protective father, the god "Viracocha" who was considered in the Inca mythology as the creator god of the universe and the highest divinity.

He lovingly called his daughter "QUILLAY" which means my little moon or the One made of iron. It is believed that one day during a lunar eclipse, Mama-Quilla was attacked by a cougar, and while crying she dropped tears to the ground that later turned into silver.

Quillay is the creation of Alexandra, a Peruvian girl who fell in love with this world of crystals long before she knew the secrets behind it and the magic they hold. And here she is the one who is going to share her experience:

My first quartz was given to me by my mother many years ago when she bought me a raw moonstone. I have never been so excited about something so simple like a stone. I kept my crystal and treasured it for years dreaming that someday making a necklace with it.

Distracted in other activities and work, day by day I was forgetting that dream… and even thought that it was not possible to do it and that to make a necklace with such a simple stone, it was kind of silly. But the universe always has new things ready for you when you are open to listen to it.

So one day I had the opportunity to make my dream come true. I decided with a friend to explore how to make simple necklaces with raw stones and so like this my first brand of jewelry was born in Peru. I always loved the idea of ​​quartz being rough, since for me they were already totally beautiful without the need for any different shape and each one was totally authentic and unique.

This first jewelry brand lasted many years and I thank for it from my heart, because it taught me many things that I know now. But as in everything, the laws of the universe are in constant motion and I would not be the exception. Life brought me to Europe, to set a new path and to think of a future far away from my home but close to my love.

This is how Quillay was born, created with love in order to give a piece of magic from earth to each person who acquires it. Handmade pieces worked one by one with positive intentions, dreams and happiness.

Now my biggest dream and mission in life is to spread a little of this energy and vibration to others. The universe gave me the task of communicating and expanding knowledge of the realm of crystals through the beauty of jewelry. I hope you enjoy!