Peru is a country located in South America that houses a rich and ancient culture. Inka culture has been the main and most famous which left us a lot of knowledge and pride for our land. They also taught us the mystical energy of stones which were sacred and with them temples were built using also valuable minerals and precious metals. The Inka religion was based on worshiping nature and its most important elements that collaborated with life, like the sun, the moon, the rain, the earth and the mountains. We had a deep respect for Mother Earth, we cared for and protected her.

Peru is also a vast country with more than one region, within its territory it houses part of the Amazon with all its species, the Andes mountain range adorns the highland and we end up on the coast that is bathed by the Pacific Ocean, the richest in marine flora and fauna.

We are very proud to be part of this beautiful land and to have the opportunity to transmit a bit of this ancient wisdom, based on respect for the nature. The mystical world is also of great importance, with a magical shamanic culture we learned to cure ourselves with herbs, crystals and sacred rituals of all evil.

All our pieces are handmade in Perú, using all the stones we can find here with people working under a fair trade and using materials that do not pollute the environment or contribute to illegal mining. We seek to be able to give more job opportunities to Peruvians  and so we will bring prosperity to their families, respect and pride for what they do.