Nowadays we see that more and more people are trying to find balance and inner peace, and often the subject of "The chakras" appears, we always hear that we must keep them balanced or open ... but what exactly are the chakras? Here I can give you a brief and consistent explanation of what exactly they are:

The chakras are vortexes of energy located in the astral body along the spine, starting at the base of the spine and running upward to the crown. The Chakras coincide with a gland in the physical body and each one radiates a specific color and energy.

Since each chakra is related to specific spiritual, emotional, psychological and physical aspects of our being, it is said that blockage or malfunction of the chakras can lead to physical, psychological and emotional disorders. On the other hand, conscious awareness and balance of these energy centers are believed to lead to well-being and good health.

The predominant chakras in the body are 7:



It is located at the base of the spine, near the sexual organs. The main task of this chakra is to ensure our survival and safety. It influences our basic instincts and our ability to provide the basic needs that we have in our life. It keeps us in contact with the earth and gives us a feeling of stability and self-esteem.

Red color

Earth element

Mantra: "I AM"



It is located below the navel approximately three inches and stimulates our sexuality and creativity. Connected with our reproductive system and our immune system. Related to the sense of touch, it influences our perception of pleasure and pain and keeps our masculine and feminine qualities in balance.

Color: Orange.

Water element.

Mantra: "I PLAN"



We find it in the upper part of the abdomen, between the chest and the navel. It is connected to our power, our dynamism, our will and our ambition. Intimately linked with our digestive system. It influences the confidence we have in ourselves and helps us to take responsibility when making decisions. It is also the place where our basic intuition or hunches are located.

Yellow color.

Fire element.

Mantra: "I DO"



It is located in the center of the chest. This chakra is dedicated to love and compassion towards oneself and towards others. It governs the heart and the lungs. It influences our ability to accept things as they are, to feel respect and empathy, and to forgive others. It gives us the ability to feel grief as well.

Green color.

Element: Air.

Mantra: "I LOVE"



It is located in the throat. The fifth chakra governs our ability to express ourselves. It is connected with our willingness to tell the truth and with our integrity. It directs our ability to make decisions and manifest our dreams. It allows us to put words and share them with what lives in our hearts.

Color blue.

Element: Sound.

Mantra: "I EXPRESS"



It is located between the eyebrows. Connected with inspiration, intuition and vision. Related to the endocrine system and the eyes. The opening of this Chakra allows us to access meditation and wisdom.

Color: Indigo.

Element: Light.

Mantra: "I PREVIEW"



It is located on the top of the head. The 7th Chakra is said to be the gateway to spiritual knowledge that leads to enlightenment. Closely connected to the brain. It governs our ability to act selfishly or humanely, to experience faith and devotion, and to enter a state of spiritual peace, ecstasy, and bliss.

Color: Violet.

Element: Spirit.



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