✧ All our jewelry is handmade by Peruvian artisans, working together with them we give them fair trade and payment for their art and experience, which gives them back the desire to move forward and grow in their community.

✧ We know that metal mining causes high pollution, so we decided to use only recycled silver and gold, thus not contributing to this harmful industry.

✧ All our stones are natural and most are worked raw since we believe that it is in the shapes of nature where true beauty is found.

✧ We bless each one of the pieces that we sell with sacred rituals of payment to the Pachamama, where we thank the earth for everything she gives us.

✧ We believe that our jewelry goes beyond the superficial beauty of an object, our mission is to provide an amulet of energy and protection that each person who acquires it can treasure and feel connected to their stone.

✧ We are interested in taking care of the environment, that is why we belong to a foundation for the reforestation of native trees in the jungle of Peru, making annual donations with part of our income to be able to contribute to this important cause.

✧ We do not make overproductions that cause waste for the environment, all our collections are limited and made with awareness.

✧ We work all our pieces with love and enthusiasm in the hope of giving a bit of that energy to each person who purchases a Quillay jewel.

✧ We believe that the Moon Goddess and the Sun god protect us, that the mountains are the guardian spirits of the earth and the earth is the mother that gave us life, we believe that the rain is a blessing and that the stars are our spiritual guides. We like to hug trees and meditate with the sweet smell of palo santo. We vibrate high together with our stones and give them a purpose. We are grateful for life, we believe in magic.